More Watershed Education Resources

There are many great watershed education tools and resources available. Explore below to dive deeper into your watershed.


GIS and Map Tools

Image of Dep Map Direct Thumb

Florida DEP's Map Direct
Map Direct is a powerful interactive mapping website that enables you to display locations and data layers on a map including DEP regulated facilities, FEMA flood zones, land use / land cover, aerial photography, elevation, USGS quad maps, and many more.

Image of Google Maps

Google Earth
Google Earth is a free mapping tool that displays high resolution satellite images of the Earth's surface, allowing users to get a detailed "birds-eye" view of their communities and their relationship to rivers, lakes and estuaries. Google Earth requires users to download and install a free software application.

Image of Live Maps

Microsoft Live Maps
Microsoft Live Maps is a web-based map application that provides users with detailed satellite images and "birds-eye" views of their communities.


Additional Watershed Resources

Image of Water Atlas

Florida is the gateway to a group of websites developed by the Florida Center for Community Design and Research at the University of South Florida. that provide comprehensive data about 11 major watershed regions.

Image of EPA Surf

EPA Surf Your Watershed
This online resource by the Federal Environmental Protection Agency provides detailed information about Florida watersheds and watershed groups and organizations.

Image of USGS Science thumb

USGS Science in Your Watershed
The U.S. Geological Survey's "Science in Your Watershed" site contains scientific information organized by watershed.

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