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Florida's Water: Ours to Protect is an educational website produced by the Divisions of Water Resource Management Division and Environmental Assessment and Restoration of the Florida Department of Environmental Protection.

The Department's Water Programs are responsible for protecting the quality of Florida’s drinking water as well as its rivers, lakes and wetlands, and for reclaiming lands after they have been mined for phosphate and other minerals. The Programs establish the technical basis for setting the State’s surface water and ground water quality standards. They also implement a variety of programs to monitor the quality of those water resources.

For additional information about Florida DEP water programs or water protection topics, please visit the following resources:

Florida Department of Environmental Protection Website

Florida's Springs: Protecting Nature's Gems

Water's Journey: The River Returns

Water's Journey: Everglades

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If you have questions about this website, please use the online form to send us an email. Visit the Florida DEP's main website to locate contacts for other Florida DEP environmental programs.

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